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You’re a big guy – hungry for food to maintain your muscle and size. Avoid adding unwanted pounds with 3200 mg of Conjugated Linoleic Acid. It’ll help stimulate the breakdown of fat as well as inhibit its production. This way, you can eat a quality diet without packing on bad fat.

Exercise is highly rewarding…up until you hit the muscle blues (aka muscle fatigue). 600 mg of green tea extract helps beat post-workout stress by increasing the antioxidants in your body. Another plus – it helps stimulate your body’s metabolic rate and fat-burning ability.

CLA+GTX helps you lose fat without the use of stimulants. If you ask us, that’s the right way to do it – without getting wired up. Take CLA+GTX at any time of the day and rest assured, it won’t keep you up at night. Our formula is 100% stimulant-free.